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January 2020 Newsletter
Puerto Rico Quick Facts

Puerto Rico Quick Facts

Around the world, millions of people are asking questions about the recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico. How many people were affected? What resources do they need? How can I help families in their time of need? Get the answers to your questions about the earthquake in Puerto Rico and what we’re doing to help ▸

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Top Stories

From loss to leadership

From loss to leadership: How one woman in Lebanon is helping her community get clean water

When Fatima and her children arrived in Lebanon after conflict broke out in their Syrian neighborhood, their biggest need was for water. But safety risks and lack of functional water infrastructure left her family and community at a loss. Read her story and learn how she’s working to make water more accessible to her community ▸

Congress Adopts the Global Fragility Act

Congress Adopts the Global Fragility Act

Over the past two years, Mercy Corps has been leading a coalition in support of the Global Fragility Act, important bipartisan legislation designed to target the causes of conflict, rather than the symptoms. With the adoption of the Global Fragility Act on December 19, millions of people around the world who have been affected by conflict can have the opportunity for a more stable, secure and peaceful future. Learn more about what the Global Fragility Act accomplishes ▸

Where climate change drives conflict, peacebuilding skills are the path forward

Where climate change drives conflict, peacebuilding skills are the path forward

Too many communities around the world are feeling the effects of a warming planet, like poverty and conflict. That’s why we are reaching communities around the world with dialogue sessions and peacebuilding trainings, so they can be empowered to unite and move forward in the face of a climate crisis. Read one Nigerian community’s story and learn how peacebuilding sessions can make a difference for a community in crisis ▸

Would you have what it takes to be an emergency responder?

Would you have what it takes to be an emergency responder?

What would you carry in your backpack as you rush to help families who lost everything in a hurricane? Or survivors of a devastating earthquake? When our field teams arrive in an area that’s been affected by disaster, their backpacks are full of key items. Play our online simulation to experience life as an emergency responder with Mercy Corps ▸

Our priorities for 2020

Our priorities for 2020

In the year ahead, Mercy Corps will be focusing on collaboration and partnership as we continue our work to solve the world’s toughest challenges and realize our vision for change. Read about how we are working together as a global community and our humanitarian priorities for 2020 ▸

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